HOY, 3 de Marzo de 2024

Matilde Fernández

Act. residencia:Lima
Promo: 1981Colegio María Parado de Bellido del Rímac (Rímac / Lima / Lima)
Estudios Sup.:UNMSM
Mensaje:Friend mine, I have as much necessity of your friendship. I am thirsty of a companion who respects in me, over the litigations of the reason, the travelling one of that fire. Sometimes I have necessity to please the promised heat in advance, and to rest, beyond same me, in that appointment that will be ours. I find La Paz. Beyond my clumsy words, beyond the reasonings that can deceive to me, you consider in me, simply to the Man, you honor in me the ambassador of beliefs, costumary, of particular loves. If I differ from you, far from menoscabarte you engrandezco. You interrogate me as interrogates the traveller, I, who like all, experiment the necessity to be recognized, I feel pure in you and I go towards you. I have necessity to go there where I am pure. They have never been my formulas nor my fates those that informed to you about which I am, but that the acceptance of who I am has done you necessarily indulgente towards those fates and those formulas. I am been thankful to you because you receive to me as I am. What I have to do with a friend who judges to me? If still I fight, I will fight a little by you. I have necessity of you. I have necessity of ayudarte to live.

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